December 1, 2023 - March 17, 2024
»Glitch. Die Kunst der Störung«
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich


730331879 pinakothek moderne

30.11.2023, Category: Exhibition

730331879 @ Pinakothek der Moderne

After being purchased for the collection of the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich last year, the work 730331879 is now on display as part of the exhibition »Glitch. The Art of Interference«.

The exhibition examines different perspectives on so-called »malfunctions« in technical systems and their potential for different artistic strategies.
tired machines orchestra bauhaus uni weimar

17.11.2023, Category: Teaching

Tired Machines Orchestra @ Bauhaus-Uni Weimar

As part of my teaching assignment at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, we founded the Tired Machines Orchestra. The Tired Machines Orchestra is a group of students who experiment with discarded electronics and build prototypes for sound machines.

bouncing ball lab 30

26.10.2023, Category: Exhibition

Bouncing Ball @ Lab30 Festival

Finally, Trajectories - BouncingBall had its premiere. The work was exhibited during the annual Lab30 festival for media art in Augsburg.


08.09.2023, Category: Sound Performance


In the context of the exhibition »Metabole« by X Breidenbach at Husslehof in Frankfurt (Main) I made a new sound piece and a performance with no-input mixing techniques.


»Metabole« showcases paintings created with handmade paper that internalize a metabolism of modernism. The space constantly resonates with a sound piece that I developed specifically for the exhibition.


bouncing ball

05.06.2023, Category: Social Sculpture / Workshop

Artificial Artificial Life Experiment

Together with the students of the seminar »Behaviour: measuring, modelling, modulating« at the professorship »Society and Digitalisation« at the Bauhaus University Weimar, I initiated another Artificial Artificial Life Experiment.


The participants were invited to construct simple algorithms for performative movements in space and to execute them together in the group.


bouncing ball

05.05.2023, Category: Project

Trajectories - Bouncing Ball

»Trajectories - Bouncing Ball« is a kinetic sculpture that simulates the behavior of a ball bouncing between the edges of a frame. Each new simulation process is unique. It results from an ever-changing composition of parameters such as gravity, elasticity and mass that construct the framework of a simulated environment.


KHM sensors loggers

18.02.2023, Category: Social Sculpture / Workshop

Artificial Artificial Life Experiment

As part of the conference »Systems At Play. A Self-Organising Symposium on Self-Organisation« at CLEA in Brussels, I offered the participatory exercise »Artificial Artificial Life«. Participants were invited to invent their own systems for algorithmic body movements in space and to experience and perform them together.


The Center Leo Apostel (CLEA) is a transdisciplinary, interfaculty research center at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). During the conference »Systems At Play«, participating artists and scientists created »embodied models of emergence« in the form of live games, scores, presentations, conversations and small algorithmic performances. 

KHM sensors loggers

16.09.2022, Category: Social Sculpture / Workshop

Speculative Sensing Experiment

In the context of the Skulpturenpark Neustadt in Leipzig, where one of the last wastelands of the city district will be revitalized by artistic interventions, I will conduct my first Speculative Sensing Experiment. Over the course of three perceptual exercises, participants will be invited to transform into human light sensors. The experiment will culminate in a collective sound composition.

»Speculative Sensing I – Light Sensor« is part of my ongoing project »RSSA – Research Station for Speculative Atmospheres« and was realized with the support of the Stiftung Kunstfonds.

KHM sensors loggers

06.05.2022, Category: Workshop

Sensors & Data Loggers @ KHM Cologne

During the workshop »Sensors & Data Loggers« at KHM – Academy of Media Arts Cologne we evaluated different modes of perception in organic and technological systems. It was part of my current development of participatory formats that explore the entanglement of bodily experiences with electronic sensor technologies.

The workshop took place at exMedia Lab as part of the seminar »Phytotron« by Verena Friedrich and Klaus Fritze.

replay pyramid laende

25.11.2021, Category: Exhibition

Replay (pyramid)

New animations, renderings and a print edition of the work Replay (pyramid) are included in the group shows »Neue Aussichten« at Goethe Institut in Seoul, Southkorea and »Und/Oder« at Galerie in der Lände, Kressbronn.

digital headquarters CYTTERweb

10.09.2021, Category: Publication


The CYTTER.datalab digital headquarters CYTTER.web is now online!

Webdesign and development: Philipp Polder
Founded by: Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media / NEUSTART KULTUR by BBK Bundesverband.


08.07.2021, Category: Publication


The CYTTER.datalab laboratory report CYTTER.log is now ready for shipment!

It includes an archive of all registered objects, an overview of translation processes, modules and CYTTER.datalab installations, and four contributions from experts in experimental computer science, media studies, philosophy, and arts.

Designed by Bureau Sandra Doeller

Edition of 200
offset print, 320 pages
16,5 cm x 12 cm

hybrid cytter datalab exhibition cologne

18.02.2021, Category: Exhibition

First hybrid datalab @ MATJÖ – Raum für Kunst

Today, the first hybrid installation of CYTTER.datalab has been launched. It is realized together with MATJÖ – Raum für Kunst in Cologne.

Visitors are invited to send a physical object to the lab to have it translated into its digitally altered VERSION. All translation steps are displayed in real time on the lab's website. Processes on site can be followed via a livestream on March 11.

hybrid cytter datalab exhibition cologne

04.02.2021, Category: Prize


I'm very happy about a project grant from the BBK - Bundesverband for a digital realization of my artistic research project »CYTTER«.

Together with experts from the fields of web development, graphic design and social media strategies, we will work on an interdisciplinary web platform. More infos coming soon!

exhibition poster parallel worlds celle

22.09.2020, Category: Exhibition

Parallel Worlds

A new version of Luminograf X will be on display in the exhibition »Parallel Worlds. Art, Science and Fiction« at Kunstmuseum Celle.

With works by: Roland Burkart, Verena Friedrich, Florian Froese-Peeck, Helga Griffiths, Marcel Große, David Link, Mike Mandel & Larry Sultan, Benjamin Maus & Julius von Bismarck, Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer

christian doeller ontology generator leipzig

10.09.2020, Category: Exhibition

Ontology Generator @ Nacht der Kunst Leipzig

For the »Night of Art« in Leipzig, the ontology generator was installed on the monumental glass facade of an office building. The slanted glass panes reflect the immediate surroundings and thus create unpredictable references between the light installation and the events of everyday life on the street.

christian doeller interview ked

04.08.2020, Category: Publication

Interview by »Kultur einer Digitalstadt«

An interview by Barbara Struif in connection with my residency @ »Kultur einer Digitalstadt« in Darmstadt.

Watch the full interview » here «

christian doeller cytter datalab leipzig

05.07.2020, Category: Exhibition

CYTTER.datalab ml_61

A new version of CYTTER.datalab was installed in Leipzig. Visitors could scan objects of their choice during the 6-hour »soft opening« of an exhibition. CYTTER.datalab ml_61 was realized with support of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen.

Photo: Juliane Schwabenbauer

christian doeller cytter datalab darmstadt installation c lukas einsele

15.5.2020, Category: Exhibition


The first edition of CYTTER.datalab was realized at LEW1, Neue Künstlerkolonie Rosenhöhe in Darmstadt. Visitors were invited to leave an object in the datalab to exchange it for its digitally translated version.

Photo: Lukas Einsele

730331879 photoresearcher franziska kunze

01.04.2020, Category: Publication

"730331879 @ Photo Researcher Magazine"

My work »730331879« is part of the article »The Digital Body: An Introspection of the Mediation of Expanded Photographic Practices« by curator and art historian Franziska Kunze.

It is released in the current issue of »Photo Researcher«, published by the European Society for the History of Photography.

christian doeller cytter datalab stycut

20.01.2020, Category: Residency

"Artist Residency @ LEW1"

As artist in residence in Darmstadt, I will further develop my current project CYTTER.datalab, in which I am exploring different aspects of digital translation processes.

The Residency is carried out by »Kultur einer Digitalstadt e.V.«, which offers an interdisciplinary discursive platform for visualizing, networking and developing artistic potentials in the digital city.

christian doeller ontology generator erlangen c sebastian wanke

14.10.2019, Category: Exhibition

waste and void

Group show »waste and void« featuring the »Ontology Generator« at a local church in Erlangen, Germany.

Photo: Sebastian Wanke

christian doeller interview house of arts brno

03.10.2019, Category: Publication

Artist in Residence program at Brno House of Arts

A promotion video including interviews about the Artist in Residence program in spring 2019 at the House of Arts in Brno.

watch the full video » here «

christian doeller exhibition poster transcription vasulka kitchen brno

25.06.2019, Category: Exhibition

»Transcription« at Vašulka Kitchen Brno

Vašulka Kitchen Brno will show the result of my artist residency »Slit Mirror Pong« together with »Luminograf #1«. Both works are brought into dialogue with an excerpt from Steina Vašulka's video work »Violin Power« from 1978.

The exhibition will be on view from 25.06.2019 until 30.07.2019.

For more information visit

christian doeller franziska kunze opake fotografien 730331879

10.05.2019, Category: Publication

»Opake Fotografien«

The book »Opake Fotografien. Das Sichtbarmachen fotografischer Materialität als künstlerische Strategie« by Franziska Kunze features my project »730331879«, accompanied by many great positions in the field of abstract, generative and concrete photography.

With works by Chargesheimer, Gottfried Jäger, Rosa Menkmann, Wolfgang Tillmans, Timm Ulrichs and many more.

christian doeller vasulka kitchen brno residency

15.04.2019, Category: Residency

Artist in Residence at Vašulka Kitchen Brno

As the first participant of the new artist in residence program at Vašulka Kitchen Brno I will continue experimenting with interactive kinetics and photo-optical effects.

25.4. - 26.4.: Open Studios, Brno Art Week 2019
26.4., 18:00: Brno Artists in Resindence artist talks
8.5., 15:00: artist talk at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno

christian doeller exhibition HUM poster

2.04.2019, Category: Exhibition

HUM. Generative Experiments with form and sound

HUM brings together different models and experiments based on generative experiments with sound.

Featuring works by Rama Bielewski, Jörg Brinkmann, Christian Doeller, Rico Graupner, Lina Gräf, Marco Schröder and Hanna Sörgel. Poster design by Colin Doerffler.